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It's Early Spring...Time To Prune Back Grasses, Roses & Perennials.

It's April! Now that winter is officially behind us here

(fingers crossed) it is time to get out side and tend to those gardens. Here is your early spring landscape checklist.

Clean Up Those Landscape Beds

Time to get the gloves on and the rakes out. Even though you cleaned up the fall debris there is more to clean up this time of year. Remove leaves, debris and sticks from your garden beds and plant bases. While your at it tease the mulch and soil around the base of each plant. This will loosen up the soil and let the plants receive more water, air and nutrients.

Cut Back Perennials

Time to cut back last years dried up perennials if you haven't already done so. Cut most perennials back to just above the ground or any new growth. Some perennials like Heuchera are evergreen and wont need pruning back. For evergreen perennials use your hands and gently remove any dead or dried sections to rejuvenation the plant.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

If you left your Ornamental grasses untouched in

winter your were smart. Some grasses look beautiful in the winter with striking colors and textures. When cutting back use large garden shears for a nice uniform cut. PRO TIP: Keep an assortment of bungee cords with you to tie the grasses upright. Then cut away with sharp shears

Prune Back Roses

Roses love some space and a good pruning. For knockout roses cut back by half, remove dead growth and also some branches. Give it some air for a healthier plant. For Drift Roses cut back at least one third up to a hard prune. For most climbing roses cut back to the main cane. Before cutting do a bit of pruning research to your specific rose.

After Early Spring Pruning
Before Pruning

Happy Gardening!! ;)

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