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Retaining Walls

Decorative concrete block is a very attractive, functional and economical choice for a retaining wall.  There are many choices available today designed specifically for the retention of soil.  The top manufacturers have a full line of products to suit peoples tastes and budgets.  Many of them come with engineered specifications on construction methods, to get the correct wall built at the right height.  One of the best advantages when retaining earth with theses block walls is the batter (the wall steps back each course), and the drainage ability.  For taller retaining walls using the correct back fill material, Geo stabilization materials and good compaction, is very important.  Once installed correctly, this makes a long lasting, durable but, still very attractive retaining wall that will be standing tall for years to come.  When you have our experts build your wall you can be confident it was built correctly.  Below are some retaining wall examples from three diferent available quality manufacturers.  There are many other styles and options available from all the manufacturers. 

Block Retaining Walls
Freestanding Walls
Block Freestanding Walls

When it comes to decorative concrete bloc in the landscape, the creative architectural features you can build with them are endless.  From stairs, pillars, seats, fire pits, sitting walls etc.  We can create a beautiful and functional architectural feature for your home and patio.  One great advantage when building with decorative concrete bloc is the manufacturers make both concrete pavers and concrete block.  You can be sure they will look great together.  Often by adding a sitting wall around a patio it really adds so much functionality to the patio and creates a standout feature.  Sitting walls we usually build are approximately 18"-20" tall.  They can be capped with a concrete cap to match or other stone product.  Contact us about your project and we can create a fantastic outdoor space with you.  

With our years of expert experience in installing many different types of block walls and architectural features, let us build your next project  Where there are so many types to choose from, we recommend you see them in person.  We can even meet you at a showroom near you!​ Click here for showrooms 

Click here for three quality manufacturers of decorative block units we recommend .  Link to there website to browse.  

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