Landscaping is a very functional and beautiful part of your home.  Your Grading and Drainage gets all the water away from the foundation so you stay dry.  Your nicely graded lawn assures there is no puddling, slows down the flow rate of water, and naturally absorbs water which  reduces water run off. It also controls erosion in your yard and your neighbors downhill from you.  Your plantings add curb appeal but, also improve air quality.  In addition all your hardscapes (patio, retaining wall or walkway) work with your landscaping.  The point is all of these outdoor elements work and flow together.  That's why its important to get these services done by a professional.

Our projects usually begin with the hardscape elements (the walkways, stone walls etc.) which set all the grades, taking care for proper drainage/ pitch and planting bed layout.  Then the landscaping starts.  We spread good local organic topsoil grading all the lawn areas and planting beds.  Next it is time to install the carefully planned planting beds.  By carefully planned I mean appropriate in size at maturity, rated for our climate zone (zone 6-7), and planted in the correct environment (sunlight, part sun, shade).  We hand select/ plant only healthy plants and trees from top quality local nurseries.  For our planting mixture we use a topsoil/ organic compost blend or other additives if needed by plant.    Next is the installation of any outdoor lighting or irrigation.  Now its on to the natural mulch installation or gravel garden beds.  Then lastly we will install a lawn using  quality sods and or seeds.

Digging Trench For Water Runoff
Installing Top Soil and Landscapes
Blue Grass Sod Installation
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Plantings are an extremely important part of your landscape.  They include Perennials, Shrubs, Roses, Ornamental Grasses and Trees.  They offer tremendous curb appeal, personal enjoyment, highlight your homes architecture and flat out beautify your home.  A well planned planting is crucial.  By creating a plan beforehand it allows us to choose plants that will best fit your taste/ needs and thrive in your landscape.  Not only do we offer landscape design and professional installation but, we can maintain the plantings we install seasonally each year.  The plants we choose for our clients are hand selected from quality local nurseries that maintain there inventory.  In addition the nurseries offer us/ you a one year guarantee on most plants for replacement if there was ever a loss or disease.


With our years of expert experience in installing many different types of plants and trees, we can design and install a custom planting for your home. With a design photo rendering, we will be able to show you how it will look before hand too.  


If your interested we recommend you see some plants in person at a nursery.  We can even meet you at one of these retail locations.

English Cottage Garden Feel
Plants selected, placed and ready to install.
Planting a Privacy Hedge
Juniperus Scopulorum 'Moonglow'
CT Flower And Garden Show 2010
Best Landscape Design Award!
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