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Outdoor Kitchens are becoming quite popular these days.  With our busy on the go lifestyle, being able to entertain family and maximize your enjoyment at home is wonderful thing.  The kitchen is where people get together.  That's why the Outdoor Kitchen is such a great idea.  Cook some delicious meals, and serve drinks in style.  We can customize one around your lifestyle and budget.  They can be as simple as building a small enclosure around a grill for an attractive and functional counter space.  Or they can be more elaborate by including sinks, drawer space, bar tops etc. 

Whether a custom build or a ready to finish package, we have the ability to put together a 3D model of your outdoor kitchen.  This is by far the best way to visualize how the space will feel.  We can also apply materials to help you visualize your selections.


To help you shop for some outdoor kitchen components, we have provided some manufacturer links below.  There are many good quality manufacturers of outdoor kitchen appliances like grills, side burners, cabinets, drawers, pizza ovens, and refrigerators.

Blaze Grills-  Great quality.  Full line of quality matching appliances available 

Sunstone Grills-  Great all round quality.  Complete line suiting choices and budgets.

Saber GrillsGood quality.  Full line of matching appliances and some prefabricated order and place outdoor kitchen

Lynx Grills- Upper level quality yet reasonably priced.  Some nice "ready to finish" island packages available. 

Alfresco Grills-  Top notch quality.  Everything you could imagine for an outdoor culinary experience

Viking Outdoor-  As you would expect from the brand.  Excellent quality.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchen
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