Stonework or Stone masonry is truly a craft.  As one of the oldest trades in our history, it is found throughout the world in buildings, monuments, cathedrals and cities.  These structures stand strong today because when you build something with natural stone, you build it to last forever.  We are proud to carry on this old trade of building with stone.  One thing I find fascinating is the tools we use, really have not changed that much.  Of course we have diamond blade saws and rotary hammer drills but, the hand tools remain like centuries ago.

When we work on a stone wall or other stone project we take great care in the structural integrity, the appearance and attention to the details. These extra steps we take to give you the best results really show.  By using natural stone in your landscape it will give your home an upscale, sophisticated look.  Let our expert Stone Masons transform your project in to something that you will not only enjoy but, also increase the value of your home.

Safely Moving Large Stones
Creating Nice Lines With Chisel
Cutting Dimensional Stone
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Types of Stone

We use many different types of stone.  It really depends on the application and the appearance your looking for.  Granite is one of the most popular choices and in many cases is locally available.  For most of the work we install Igneous Stones (Granite) and Sedimentary Stone (Limestone, Sandstone or Bluestone).  Many of these different materials are quarried right here in CT.  Below are a few of the local quarries we work with.

Skyline Quarry:  Stafford Springs, CT.   This a great quarry producing a Granite/Sandstone called granite schist.  It seams very well for flat natural look.

Stony Creek Quarry:  Branford, CT.  Beautiful historic quarry, producing a very hard pink granite.  Used in many Landmarks in the United States. 

Getty Granite:  Salem CT.  Nice building granite is quarried here.  They also fabricate and sell other types of granite and bluestone.

Tower Hill:  Glastonbury, CT.  Very small family run quarry.  Produces a grey brown granite that is very attractive.  Great building stone.

Skyline Quarry Granite
Natural split slabs Skyline Quarry produces
Stony Creek Quarry
Inside the Quarry operations.
Tower hill and Getty Granite Blended
A stonewall with a blend of CT native Granites
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