Landscape Design

The design process is a very important first step.  When you schedule your initial site evaluation with us, we like to discuss the goals of your project, your general style, and get a understanding for your budget and material choices.  In addition we take accurate measurements and reference photographs of your home and surroundings.  With this information, the next step is to provide you with an estimate and scope of work.  We could just provide you with a general estimate but, in most situations is that really enough? No, it is not.

With our proposal for your project, we also provide a basic scale layout for the proposed landscape or masonry work.  From stone retaining walls to patios with privacy plantings, it needs to start with a concept design.  For example, lets say you want a new front paver brick walkway and foundation planting.  It is important to first design the walkway in a artful and logical way.   Taking in to account many variables like guest parking, pedestrian traffic, and general flow / appearance.  This walkway or hardscape feature, now has outlined your foundation  planting beds.  On to a foundation planting.  Plants and trees mature.  It is very important to select the appropriate plants with good spacing  when mature.  We don't want to block windows or poke someone in the eye on Halloween.  The only way to achieve this is with a quality scale project layout.  This scale layout is for all of us.  It is an accurate guide for building an estimate and a clear understanding of the scope of work.


Design, a step further.  As a professional I/ we always want to give our clients our best.  For your outdoor living project you need something custom, spectacular, beautiful and functional.  You have so many ideas in your head and Houzz/ Pinterest boards.  You need someone with experience to pull all these ideas together, while adding their own, into a real world project.  I like to call this logical artistry.  Landscape design is so far from the straight lines of the home but, still has code/ elevation tolerances, and good construction practices.  For this type of project we offer scale 3Dimensional conceptual design.  Using professional software we can create stunning renderings.  These rendering offer a beautiful glimpse of what your project will really look like.  Not only are they beautiful but, they are extremely accurate.  Of course, as a design like this takes some time to put together, we do charge a small fee for this service.  The typical fee for this service ranges from $200-$400 for most small to medium sized projects.  Good news though, when purchasing a design from us, the entire amount will be credited to your project when you hire us to build/ install it.   

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