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Concrete Paver brick make a great durable surface as a driveway material.  Between the surface strength, the ability to interlock, and spread the vehicle load this pavement performs superior to asphalt or poured in place concrete.  Where asphalt and concrete over time will crack, Concrete Pavers are ultra flexible through design, and do not crack.  With a manufacturers lifetime product warranty for your material investment and Stonebridge installing your driveway correctly, you can feel confident about your driveway material and installation standing the test of time.  Also a Concrete Paver driveway looks fantastic, adds European flare and charm all while adding to your property value.

With our expert experience in installing many types of Concrete Paver Brick we can design and install a custom driveway for you.  There are so many types to choose from so here are some manufacturers we have found have great quality and styles.

  • Unilock Concrete Paver manufacturer.  Top quality and appearance.  Unilock's transferable lifetime warranty 

  • Techo Bloc Concrete Paver manufacturer.  Fantastic quality.  Some original styles.  Techo Bloc lifetime warranty

  • Belgard Concrete Paver manufacturer.  Good Quality.  Good styles and colors.  Belgard lifetime warranty.  Financing options.  

Concrete Paver Brick For The Driveway
Concrete Paver Brick
Unilock Copthorne Herringbone Pattern

Granite makes a strong, extremely attractive, old world or sophisticated looking surface material for curbing, driveway surface or entrance aprons.  There are many different colors and styles of granite.  Granite is a broad range term of natural stone material either cut dimensional in sizes or more natural in appearance (Flagging).  Most importantly the stone must be able to stand up to our New England winters.  Through the years we have installed many types of Granite Curbing and Driveway Entrance Aprons.

There are many great CT Quarries that produce local granite that make a great hard material to work with.  Also we can find reclaimed salvaged granite for that instant old world historic look.  

With our years of expert experience in installing many different types of Natural Stone, we can design and install a custom driveway with granite curbing, and entrance aprons.  There are so many types to choose from.  We recommend you see them in person.  We can even meet you at a showroom near you!

Granite Curbing and Pavement Types
Granite Curbing & Pavers
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